“What are the best SEO tools for WordPress?” – is a frequently discussed question. This is because most sites get their main traffic from search engines. Optimizing your web resource for search engines can help you get up in search results, and this will expand your business.

Consider the best SEO plug-ins and WordPress tools that you can use.

1. Yoast SEO

This is the best free SEO plugin for WordPress. Has a full set of features for website optimization.

With it you can add:

  • SEO headers and descriptions to all posts and pages;
  • Open Graph metadata for social networks;
  • XML card;
  • import settings;
  • do content analysis.

2. SEMRush


Popular paid online service for SEO. It is used by SEO experts, marketers, bloggers and companies. Has a full set of tools to increase traffic. Knows how:

  • Find organic keywords and search terms;
  • shows their competition;
  • integrates with WordPress.

3. Google Search Console

Google Search Console

This is a free tool from Google. Helps to track and maintain the presence of the site in search results.

It warns you when Google can’t scan and index pages on your site. Also get useful tips on how to fix these errors.

Google Search Console in its dashboard shows you which keywords your site is ranked by, its average position in the output, individual page views and much more.

You can use this data to find keywords for which you can improve your ranking by simply optimizing your content. This information is also used to find new content ideas.

4. Ahrefs


This is a universal SEO tool for marketers and bloggers – an alternative to SEMRush.

It allows:

  • explore keywords;
  • analyze competition and backlinks;
  • track keyword rankings;
  • analyze content by keywords.

Used to find competitors, identify duplicate content, sleep with keywords.

5. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

This is a free online service for analysis and keyword search. Its main purpose is to show advertisers the keywords that they can use in their advertising campaigns.

Content marketers or bloggers will be able to use this data to find keywords with high frequency of search, high interest of advertisers.

6. All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack

Another popular SEO-plugin for WordPress SEO. Can also add SEO headers and meta tags, OpenGraph markup, XML-cards and much more.

Supports WooCommerce to optimize your store. It has a clear interface.


7. SEOPress

SEOPressAnother WordPress-plugin. In functionality similar to Yoast SEO. Knows how to do redirections, easy to use, comes with advanced controls for more experienced users.




8. Rank Math

Rank Math

New SEO solution for WP. Comes with a wizard and allows you to import data from other SEO plug-ins.

It has all the basic SEO functions, as well as connects to the Google Search Console and manages access to the functions of the plug-in based on user roles.

9. All in One Schema Rich Snippets

All in One Schema Rich Snippets

An extension for WordPress that adds micro markup. You need it to highlight a site in search results by showing star ratings, prices, image or video in the search results card.

Works with all the above plug-ins.

10. KeywordTool.io


The online help service is one of the best free keyword research tools. Allows generate variants of keywords based on Google autofill function. Also works with Bing, YouTube, Amazon and others.

11. Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker

A broken link may negatively affect the SEO of your site. You should check for them periodically. The free WordPress module Broken Link Checker does this job well.

After checking, it will indicate the publications where the broken links are found and allows you to change them without going to the editor.

The only disadvantage of the plugin is the heavy load on the server. Therefore we recommend to use it once and disable it after link fixing.

12. SEOquake


This is an extension for Chrome, Mozilla, Opera and Safari browsers. Provides SEO information for any site. Shows:

  • page state,
  • age,
  • latest update,
  • Alexa rating,
  • export search results to CSV.